Quality control

We have a control quality system that allows us to guarantee  the composition of the products we offer. We work with specialized laboratories worldwide to carry out our strict quality control of raw materials, product in process and finished products.

By purchasing ENLASA products you automatically obtain a “Quality Control Certificate”, which allows you to obtain full support of product specification. We have 100% repurchase index, which shows the satisfaction of our customers with our products by consequently expressing their preference after their first purchase of the same.

Our management is completely clear that we look for firm long-term relationships with our clients. This implies that they must always be satisfied with the effectiveness of our products, their profitability of application and the technical assistance provided. These aspects, together with our supply capacity, regional logistic system and our management of professional ethic, have made us the number one choice for the transnational and local companies with the greatest coverage in the region.

a. Internal Control: ENLASA has personnel for laboratory that works with quality control where physical and chemical variables are analyzed.

b. External Control: ENLASA work with top-level laboratories in several countries such as England, Canada, United States and Netherland for specific analysis of their raw materials and finished products.







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