Quality control


We have a quality assurance system that allows us to guarantee AGAINST PAYMENT the composition of the products we offer. We work with specialized laboratories worldwide to carry strict quality controls of raw material, production process and finished product.

By purchasing ENLASA products you automatically get a “quality assurance certificate”, allowing you to get full support on product specifications. We have a 100.00% buyback policy, which demonstrates the satisfaction our customers get with our products by them continuously expressing their preference after the first purchase.

Our management clearly understands that we seek long-term relationships with our customers. This means that they must always be satisfied with the effectiveness of our products, the profitability of their application, and the technical service provided. These aspects, together with our sourcing capacity, regional logistics system and our professional management ethics, has been converting us into the number one choice among local and transnational companies in the region, with the greatest coverage.

a) Internal control.

ENLASA Has available staff of a quality control laboratory where physical and chemical analysis is done.

b) External Control.

ENLASA works with world-class laboratories in several countries such as England, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands for specific analyses of their raw materials and finished products.